Allison is a Georgia native, who grew up in the east metro Atlanta area and presently lives in the Athens area. Over the last 11 years Allison has enjoyed evaluating and updating her own homes. Allison currently lives in an 1860s farmhouse and enjoys updating elements of her home in her spare time. One of the most valuable lessons from updating her own homes is when it is a great project to learn and practice from a YouTube video and when it is best to seek out that valuable and experienced professional. 
Allison is a graduate of the University of Georgia and an alumni of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences. After graduation, Allison taught high school in the Henry County School district and after 6 years of teaching made the tough decision to resign and spend more time with her growing family. Allison and her husband Steven, now homeschool their 3 children and love the freedom that homeschool gives them to meet their children’s needs and interests. Allison has a strong desire to help (Enneagram 2w3 for all those out there that love their Personality Assessments) and loves to find logical solutions to seemingly challenging situations. She loves that real estate allows her to apply her desire to help, connect, and make logical sense out of complex processes and situations.

 Allison has worked as the owner of The Natural Baby for 7 years and has enjoyed providing products and resources for meeting with families and helping them navigate the big changes that come with growing your family and raising children. Some of Allison’s most treasured connections in the Athens area are from working with the Thrive Integrative Medicine, and Athens Breastfeeding Coalition.

Allison loves helping people achieve their goals and dreams. Allison loves logic and reasoning but is an empathetic listener and helper at her core. Her love of helping, educating, connecting, and relating to people means that Allison’s clients tend to feel at ease and confident in their decision making process.
If you are looking for a new place to call home, Allison is eager to learn more about what your needs are and supporting you in finding your next home. Allison’s goal is help make your home buying experience an empowering and streamlined process. Contact Allison today so she can help you evaluate your options, finding your next home.