Growing up in White Plains, New York, Joe fell in love with Jamaican beef patties, New York pizza, and basketball. At a young age, he dreamed of playing in the NBA, but unfortunately, being vertically challenged, his height didn’t keep up with his dreams, and he had to pursue basketball from the sidelines. In 2008, Joe departed the cold states of the northeast and headed down to sunny Georgia. He remembers getting off the plane in his winter clothes and being completely surprised by the balmy 70 degree October temps. While he missed New York pizza, he didn’t miss the New York weather. That December, Joe met his wonderful wife Brittany, which definitely made up for the pizza. Three years later, he proposed and his happily ever after began. Brittany and Joe now have four beautiful children. They all hunt for the perfect pizza together. They love living the country life in downtown Comer where they have a large, shaded backyard in which their children spend their days exploring for bugs and playing in lots of dirt.

A diligent self-starter, Joe has been working steadily since he was 14. He held jobs in every position in the food service industry beginning as a dish washer and culminating in being a restauranteur. Joe brought some of his northern roots to Athens by serving Philly cheese steaks. In addition to food service, he pursued other passions including being a minister and a musician. Joe had his first sales experience as a home security system salesperson. His next sales position became his short-term career–car salesman. He has sold thousands of cars in Athens and has truly honed his ability to make sure his customers find what they are looking for and are more than satisfied in the process. This cultivated skill set is something Joe brings to the arena of real estate. Joe wants to help clients find their personal haven, where they can enjoy life with family and friends, just like he and Brittany have found theirs. Give Joe a call for your real estate needs and he will joyfully help you walk through the process of turning a house into a home.