Many factors go into pricing your home – location, condition, and market activity, to name a few.

Pricing StrategyLocation is out of your control, but an educated agent knows the pros of any area or location and can target your potential buyer pool and capitalize on your strengths.

Condition of the home will play a big role in determining your best price. That being said, there is a buyer for every home and identifying your potential market and playing to your strengths will prove to be successful when selling your home.

Market condition is also a key factor in determining the best price for your home. It is important to see what comparable homes in the area have sold for and what other homes (your competition) are currently on the market. Keeping those factors in mind will help us determine a realistic price point for the home. When pricing your home, it is best to have a detailed discussion with your 3tree agent to help you weigh all the factors and price the home accordingly.

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