What is a Buyer’s Agent?

I think that we can all agree that Janet Jackson was right when she said that “The Best Things In Life are Free”, but did you know that one of those things is a Buyer’s Agent? Just as love and happiness are free, so are the services of a buyer’s agents! Most people are aware that when they hire an agent to list and sell their home, that they will be paying that agent based on a percentage of their home’s sales price. What many are not aware of however, is that the seller is actually paying for both their listing agent and the buyer’s selling agent as well. The buyers, who hire their agent to help them find their new home, are receiving that agents help and expertise at no direct cost to them. This means that as the buyer, your agent is working for you for FREE until they find you the home of your dreams, negotiate the contract and then only after the closing are they paid by the seller.

This seams like such a simple concept, but I myself was not aware of what a buyer’s agent was when I purchased my first home. I was scared to contact any agents during my search for fear that they would have me sign a contract and of how much their services would cost me. Often times when we enter the home buyers market, we are just testing the waters to see what is available in our price range and we aren’t ready for a full on commitment. Knowing that you have no obligation to buy something with your agent if the timing isn’t right or if the right home isn’t currently available can be a very comforting thought during a new and somewhat unnerving time in your life.

So now that you know that hiring me as your buyer’s agent is Free to you, your next question might be, “What is a buyer’s agent and why do I need one?” First off, What is a buyer’s agent? The simple answer to this question is this: A buyer’s agent is a real estate agent that works specifically for you as the buyer. They will walk you through the entire home buying process including: searching for homes, finding a lender, negotiating a contract and finally closing on a new home. Why do you need this help? Again, the home buying process is filled with many twists and turns and while the listing agent is directing their seller through those turns, you too will need your own driver who has your specific map to your closing table. The listing agent is hired by and works for the seller and their interest lies first with the seller. You in turn need someone who’s interest lies solely with you and your success. I would love to be the one to accompany you on your home buying journey!

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